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Safety Inspection

The Ontario Safety standard Certificate (SSC) ensures that only safe, roadworthy vehicles are on the roads in Ontario. Get your safety inspection for your next vehicle at RPM Motorworks, and drive away with peace of mind.

Pre-Purchase / Pre-Travel

Are you buying a used car? Make sure to get the cold facts on the Ontario Ministry of Transportation 


Most auto collisions require more than just structural repair. Our licensed professional mechanic, working with current electronic diagnostic and wheel alignment equipment allows us to maintain full control of the mechanical repair process.


Theft Recovery / Insurance

A theft recovery vehicle is any vehicle that has been stolen from its owners, no matter what happens to the vehicle once it has been stolen. The vehicle could be involved in an accident, stripped for parts, be sold overseas, or found in mint condition, but it will still be considered a theft recovery vehicle. Should the vehicle be missing for a total of three weeks, the owner’s insurance company will pay off the cost of the vehicle.